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Behold, O Mother of Perpetual Help!

Behold, O Mother of Perpetual Help, at thy feet a wretched sinner, who has recourse to thee and trusts in thee.

O Mother of mercy, have pity on me; I hear all men call thee the refuge and hope of sinners: be therefore my refuge and my hope.

Help me for the love of Jesus Christ: hold out thy hand to a fallen wretch, who commends himself to thee

and dedicates himself to be thy servant forever. I praise and thank God, who of His great mercy hath given me this confidence in thee,

a sure pledge of my eternal salvation. Alas, it is only too true that in the past I have fallen miserably,

because I did not come to thee. I know that with thy help I shall conquer; I know that thou wilt help me, if I commend myself to thee;

but I am fearful lest in the occasions of sin I shall forget to call upon thee and so I shall be lost.

This grace, then, do I ask of thee; for this I implore thee, as much as I can and know how to do;

namely, that in the assaults of hell I may ever run to thy protection and may say to thee:

Mary, help me; Mother of Perpetual Help, permit me not to lose my God.

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